For a few weeks I was doing a Horror movie marathon. I made my way through several slasher series’; Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw. And after each movie I’d take to Facebook and write a review on the film so I could stir up a good discussion with my fellow horror fans.

You see, I’m a Horror screenwriter. I write Horror and hope to scare people. But the thing was… I wasn’t very educated in Horror. As a kid I was too scared to watch many of them and as an adult I just didn’t watch many. But the more I’ve been writing Horror movies the more I’ve realized if I want to know where I’m going I should probably first know where the Genre began. So while this site may eventually include superhero news and whatever else, for now it is a way to put my Horror reviews out there.

So I hope to see you all in the comments, and I look forward to wherever this blog is heading!